This is the former fff-florida.org site and has been redesigned as Fly for fun – Florida. This now, new and improved news source site called fff-florida.org brings everyone the information they are looking for flying! Our news source site brings information on flying school signs to become a pilot. It brings information on airshows and drone racing. This news site fff-florida.org will even bring you real stories from real air traffic controllers. Some even have stories about UFOs! This fff-florida.org news source is so much more than just talking about airplanes. It goes so much further than that. We have worked hard to find real pilots and drone racers to ensure all the news that is being brought to each individual on our blog site is 100% accurate. Our news source team works hard to find the answers and to make sure the truth checks out.

Check out our autopilot section and explore the flying school events. If you simply just adore flying and have always wanted to become a certified pilot than now is your chance to do so! We take the time to search through the entire state of Florida to find the best flight schools for each individual to attend in their area.  This fff-florida.org is a site build on reliable news for flight schools and missing planes or pilots! Read the stories about actual events that have occurred. We have reliable sources that discuss the time they flew over the Bermuda Triangle and what strange events occurred. Feel free to ask them anything in the question and answer section. Fff-florida.org explores so much more than just different flying schools in your area. We go beyond the sky and seek information to questions that are dying to be answered. What better way to have our questions answered than through pilots who have witnessed it all? Check out and discover every section on fff-florida.org and fall in love with the sky!